DISCLAMER THINGY???????????????


SO LIKE BASICALLY THIS IS LIKE MY INTERNET DIARY OR WHATEVS!!!! I'LL TOTALLY POST HERE FROM TIME TO TIME I SWEAR!!! i'm like not totally sure how it's gonna work so like bear with me here XD

daily mood

this song and this pic!!! club penguin sad emote

stamp that says i eat rainbows animated stamp that says have you taken your medicine today animated stamp that says I SUPPORT MARY SUES AND SPARKLE DOGS stamp that says i love you stamp that says technicolor junkie super cool animated stamp that looks like an error message HATSUNE MIKU DANCING ON MY WEBSITE???!!! static stamp that says i support spinning around and getting really really dizzy animated stamp that says i bleed sparles and rainbows stamp that says i support drawing in math class stamp of a neon sign that looks like a shooting star animated stamp of shots from a neon cityscape a crying anime animal stamp that says end cringe culture three dogs running in front of a rainbow background that says dog MIKU ON MY WEBSITE AGAIN???!!! animated stamp that says strawberry addicted animated stamp with sylveonnit geddit? animated stamp that says neon green panty stocking and chuck from paswg blinkie that says cryptozoology blinkie that says thrift store junkie blinkie that says this snail is gay blinkie that says october baby blinkie that says pro snail blinkie that has a pony (probably starsong but dont quote me on that) with a pink mane and purple coat. it says magical blinkie that says miku pls interact blinkie tht says change the battery in your smoke detector blinkie that says cringe culture is DEAD blinkie that says clutte queen collector of everything blinkie that says i heart glitter

1/27/23 SORRY AGAIN been suuuper busy n stuff!!! got thirsd place n academic tournament learned how to make balloon dogs stuff liek that

1/20/23 played simz 4 it wuz sooo fun

1/19/23 ARGHHHHHH SRRY AGAIN 4 NOT UPDATINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG skool sux i never get to hang out with dol anymore but theres gonna b a valentines dance @ my skool so evry cloud i guess also im on new club penguin!!! my user is snkstbrrylmn (liek sunkist berry lemonade lol 1!!!


1/14/23 srry again 4 not updating lol, skool still sux but im having fun learning 2 tie knots n stuff. the timber hitch haz got to be my fav!! i suk at flat knots tho lol ughhh they r harder than they luk!!!!!!!!!!!1! we also did testing n stuff so ya

1/11/23 AUGHHHHH SRY 4 NOT UPDATINGGGGGGGGGG BEEN BUSY WITH SKOOOOOOOOOL DX!!! also apparently her name isnt spelled aryan its airyan lol whoops

1/9/23skool suuuuuuuuuuuuuuxxxxx DDDDDDDDDDDX i already wanna be on spring break but at least i tlkd 2 my friend aryan 2day she started skool on the day we let out so we havnt talked much but shes really kewl XD also alot of people complemented my outfit which wuz nice!

1/7/23 2day wuz great!! apart from the fact i gotta go back 2 skool on the 9th DDDDDX. UGHHH I DNT WANNA!!! on the brite side tho my nana took me to get the rite size in this shirt i got 4 xmas its sooooper cute :D

1/6/23 ZOMG SORRY I DIDNT UPDATE YESTERDAYLOL MY STEPMOM DIDNT LET ME HAVE MY PHONE FOR SOME REASON its ok tho it let me finish wednesday (the show not the day XD) just took a shower and i dunno who did it but some angel replaced the shower head with the old one and i had the best shower ive had in 4eva

1/4/23 another blah day

okay i lied X3 i made a perfect sunnyside up egg this morning n i feel so rawr XD rn

1/3/23 today was just kind of eh, i played dnd with my friends :3 but other than that it was meh

1/2/23sorry i only updated once yesterday lol my step mom doesnt let me on my laptop on sundays. me n my sis did some scenes of our movie yesterday but my cam wuz beung stupid so we lost all the footage DDDDX im just really tired lol

1/1/23 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/31/22 LAST DAY OF 2022 zomg this year has been INSANE XDDDDDD!!!!! will keep u posteddd

that moment when u realize u didnt take ur meds DDDDDX IM GONNA GO TAKE THEM ZOMG SO EMBARASSING XDDD

my little dog keeps coming in my room n begging for my mcdonald's and im like BOY UR FOOD BOWL IS LITERALLY FULL- FSHFDHDHDG HE JUST STEPPED ON THE ENTER KEY ZOMG HE'S A LIL PROGRAMMER!!!!!!!! giving him a french fry rn X3

ITS 11:46 ONLY 14 MINUTES TO 2023!!!!!!


12/30/22 zomg today was like, literally SO hectic you dont even know!!!!! can't wait till my lil sis comes back from her mom lol, then we can finally do our movie!!! its gonna bee(geddit?) awesome!!!!!